When I was thinking about the tour at the beginning somehow I had been looking forward to leaving Russia behind. But now, after these three incredible shows and the fact that it will be hard to impossible to beat them on the tour, no one was really happy to leave this mysterious land. Nevertheless, what was left was this great respect for Russia: The size, the history, the mighty cities with massive roads and buildings and the people who seem so distant and cold but once you scratch the surface, so honest and open. All this makes adds up to that special feeling that you get while staying in Russia.
Now back at the border I was scared again, I hate it, but the guards at the Finnish/Russian border have done a good job with the customs declaration, and all i had to do was writing everything down again. For the record: We still had to unload a couple of samples but everything looked clean, and off we were: Entering the boring EU! Once in Cesis, we left the Brazilians to get some tea in coffee shop whose interior could be best described with: Eastern-European looking. It was still early but we were able to already go to the venue which also would be our sleeping place. As mentioned earlier, this was the best that could happen. Now we had some hours to ourselves. On a tour with such a tight schedule, there wasn't more that we could have asked for.
The promoters, two brothers who owned the club, who also play in a metal-core band and organize a large festival every year, knew exactly what a band needs on tour. And so, for a second time, we went to a real restaurant. There was just us being served at a long table. A soup for starters, followed by pasta. For a few hours we were able to forget all the stress. Quite a few people showed up for the show. We didn't expect that much in such a small town on thursday night but the people liked it and turned the night in quite a party!