There was still a lot to do before the first show, most important Questions still needed a visa for the Republic of Moldova. We only had this day to do it and this gave me the opportunity to remind myself how to reach a goal with Brazilian calmness and organization. Hard to believe but they got the visa! The first major problem of the tour was solved and I felt relieved for a little while until the next problem directly, linked to the Brazilian organizational ability, arose. Duzhinios pass was only valid until 2 months after the tour the lady at the embassy warned us. This could be a problem for Russia. For Moldova as well, but they changed the laws a couple weeks ago, so we were safe. Thus, we visited the Brazilian Embassy and the Russian Embassy to try to find out whether it would be enough to enter Russia. The visit to the Brazilian embassy was pointless, they were not interested in it and the Russians, no one spoke German nor English. A call to the Brazilian Embassy in Moscow brought the realization that there is no exact agreement in terms of affecting the validity of the pass between Russia and Brazil, it's all in the hands of the guys at the border. Great! So now there was the chance that we had to leave Duzhinio at the border.
One last problem was left: the reservation at the Estonian - Russian border. This one was a tough one: On Sunday we had to be in St. Petersburg and there were no empty slots until Monday. This was all news to us, but the reservation system was introduced in summer 2011. Flo found a solution which was risky but might work. We'll see. The show was typically for Berlin, a few people but nearly all friends and family. The stressful day showed its impact on us and on our show, it wasn't the best, but a good night anyways, because we knew: The next 17 days would be no work, no school, just the tour!