After a night of too little sleep for the next few days, we took off at 7:00 o'clock. 600 km doesn't sound like much but it basically took us forever to get to the north east corner of Poland. The trip was uneventful, the Brazilians were shockingly quiet. On arrival in Olsztyn Kostya and Karina, both originally from Kaliningrad, had everything prepared. The food was plentiful. What more could you want? Although we are accustomed touring eastern Europe, it continues to fascinate us as how cold and stony the people are in the first moment. This also applied to this show. The venue was a bar with an attached room full of casino machines. Some pool tables had to be evacuated to get some room for the pit. During the first five songs very little happened. 40 guests remained like stones and not even the joke that we were Rammstein touring with Sepultura changed them a bit. Who can blame them.. Again Bianca saved us even if she despises to be the center of attention. Thanks to her the crowd began to party away and we had to play two encores, which we surely had not expected. After the show we got 3 hours of sleep while QUESTIONS partied and off we were to another 15 hours drive to Tallin. Unfortunately the tour began with 2 hard routes but then everything should be better, I promised the band ... if they only knew.