A strategically planned off-day can do wonders. Normally I'm against everything, that interrupts the sleep-driving-shows-cycle, but this time we really needed the off-day. The first time since the start of the tour we were able to sleep in, or sleep longer than 5 hours! We started the day the same way the day before ended: with food. Again, lots of food. 2cm thick pancakes with honey and hot tea. After that breakfast of kings we went to see the city. 4 o'clock Daniel has organized a small discussion about hardcore in an abandoned building, a former museum. Some clever Moldavians and our homie Daniel, or as we call him the minister of culture, squatted this building to prevent its demolition. Right now they tried to make it as inhabitable as possible.
But before that Slava, Vadim and Daniel led us through teh city, showed us the local points of interests, and others absurdities of the Moldovan daily life. Moldovan bureaucracy, mammoth bones and an American investor who was planning a big water park, for example, led to the fact that right now there is a nearly dried-up lake and a slowly decaying beach promenade in the center of the city. Unfortunately, GIs stopped us from photographing the Steve Jobs shrine in front of the American Embassy and the first zoo in the city also caused mixed feelings in us. A couple of geese, emus and two eagles in a miniature cage sat up their time.
Impressive was the squatted museum. Large rooms with high ceilings, an overgrown garden, a large concert room, flowered wallpaper and a small library of selected French writings. Also very cosy was the set up in the room where the interview was supposed to take place. For the speakers, there was food and hot tea. Daniel started to ask us questions and the audience was highly interested. After the discussion we shook hands with all three of them. Daniel and Christian disappeared for a while to do some business, and the rest of us did some shopping. Questions bought Schnapps and Vodka while we acquired huge bags of chocolate. When we arrived back at Slava's place, more food waited for us and we ended the day with lots of food in the company of our Moldovan friends.