From the perspective of a stupid Western European like me the difference between Moldova and Romania is immense. And although we have become victims of corrupt cops and the Russian mafia there is always the good feeling of adventure touring ex-Soviet countries. This takes an immediate end when you spot the stars of the European Union at the border. It's kind of a shame but at this moment I was tired of complicated border crossings and the fear of corrupt cops. The next few days will be good on my nerves. Everything went well at the border due to the UAS and Questions CD we gave to the cop kind of as a present. The trip to Bucharest took us through the dusty part of Romania which was totally different than Transylvania with its mountains and woods. After 10 hours we chilled at the venue. Lots of strange people on the street. Children were begging for Euros and before I was able to make Bucharest more beautiful with some UAS stickers, they were taken away from me. Questions had everything under control, as Brazilians they knew exactly how to handle situations like these. After an hour our good friend Paul, he brought us to Romania for the first time in 2008 and has supported us with shows ever since, arrived.
He took us to the Chauchesko Palace, the second largest building in the world. Some photos were taken and we went back to the venue. Less people than in 2010 showed up but the show was great nonetheless. Which also Alec and Vlad caused with there surprise show up in Bucharest!
Now we were looking forward going to Istanbul.