Thanks to the Turkish and Greek highways we were able, for the first time on the tour, to go faster than 100km/h which turned the distance wise really long drive into a time wise actually pretty short and enjoyable drive.
Lots and lots of military on both sides of the Turkish/Greece border, and were talking about heavy armed military including some tanks and other fancy stuff. The crossing itself was a joke.
What’s all this talk about Fort Europe? Well, heck, that was alright with me. 1,50 € for a liter diesel in crisis-torn Greece made it obvious that we were back in the EU. The gas price also was the reason for our first big fight on the tour which really got going mostly due to my tiredness. While I slept peacefully the others filled up the Transit with expensive diesel though 250km later we would be in Macedonia where diesel would be cheaper for sure. I was really pissed because nobody has asked me and the others were pissed because I was pissed because of a few Euros, which shouldn’t be a reason to fight at all but at that moment was enough to not talking to them just before the show. In adtition to this I had enough of Shitboys joking about my defensive driving style.
The venue was an abandoned cigarette factory in the city center squatted by punks and students. Actually not too bad but we had our troubles making a connection with the crowd. Nobody really listened to what I said on stage which always makes me nervous. Flo had to stand on a carpet totally soaked with dog piss.
Concering the reaction of the crowd I guess we were spoiled at that moment of the tour. We just had to get used to the fact that from now on, things would get quieter. Yesterday we thought Flo and Bianca’s party tour was an exception but we were wrong. After we moved into our bedrooms they went off again even outpartying the Brazilians who went straight to bed.