After all those recent marathon drives the last 10 days the expected 55km through Greece sounded like a bad joke. Accordingly we slept till noon and had a big breakfast in a small coffee shop. After we had collected every single Brazilian we went straight to Larissa. With Volos we had reached our southernmost point of the trip. From now on it would be north, north, north, until we’d hit the gates of Berlin. On the outskirts of Larissa, we stopped at a Mega-Outlet and cool things were bought. We were way too early for the show so we decided to do some good old grocery shopping. Christian and me bought a year’s supply of olive oil in huge cans which gave the Brazilians the perfect opportunity to make fun of us which we totally deserved as usually it was us who mocked them for their souvenir shopping tours. We filled our stomach with bread, olives, and feta until Nick, the promoter, arrived and we did what we do best: unload the backline. There was still lots of time to waste so we went downtown to check out Larissa. The garbage men have been on a strike for a few weeks and the whole city smelled like garbage, the stench was everywhere but the Greeks didn’t mind and continued piling up the garbage in the streets.
Relatively late, the opening bands started to play. Boring metal stuff with really young kids on the guitar who knew how to play but still, it was just boring, to put it mildly. Between the sound checks and bands some DJ played Rancid all night long, which was maybe the coolest thing of that night and gave me the opportunity to release my Rancid knowledge on my fellow band members. But I have to admit, during the 4th time of “Ruby Soho” even this song loses some of its greatness and I secretly wished for another cd.
Not too many people were in front of the stage when we started but our show was solid. Micha was in a good mood as he yelled stupid stuff at me all the time and when he has enough energy to do shit like that it’s always a good sign.
In 2009, during the last time we played with Questions in Larissa there was some kind of incident which 2 years later was still widely discussed. Questions went on their usual party spree after the show but made the huge mistake to split up with the consequence that they had to be picked up one by one all over the town which delayed the departure by hours! The same people who kidnapped Questions in 2009 showed up again and we knew that we had to be careful.
After the show, there was one rule for Questions: departure 12 o’clock tomorrow. No second Greece! The bands would stay at two different flats and ours was a bit outside. It was still early so Bianca and I decided to continue the party tradition. We grabbed the Transit and headed for the pub where we met Questions. Shitboy and the boss ended the night with their usual nudism-session.
The party started in a small pub where the owner projected HC and Punk Videos onto the wall. When we arrived “Gotta Go” was screaming out of the speakers and we knew that this was the party we came for. Everybody was drinking a beer named “Berlin” and after 'Comeback Kid', 'Your Demise', 'Bad Religion', 'Pennywise', 'Misfits' and millions of other videos we went to the next bar. Everybody continued drinking Schnapps. We chatted with the only straight-edger in Greece (not an easy job!) or kind of danced to the music which was becoming lamer by the minute. Around 6 in the morning we called it a night and went back. We took a totally wasted guy with us who claimed to know the way back as he was living right beside the guy we were staying with. He was sitting front frow with us mumbling stuff like “Fuck’em, fuck’em” and “Sorry, I’m drunk.” He was barely able to speak, tried to call some friends but it didn’t seem to get us anywhere. So basically we were lost until we had the smart idea to ask someone for the directions. Et voila. We said goodbye and he disappeared into the rain. What happened to him, we will probably never know, but Thank you, you did very well in the end! Kind of.