Unfortunately, the short night was interrupted by a small panic. After an hour of sleep the party crew returned very excited to the venue where we slept soundly. Apparently a Nazi biker from next door knocked against the bus which turned out to be a misinformation. Shitboy remained bravely in the bus and reported the next morning that someone just knocked at the front door of the venue and left when they got bored. So we stayed and tried to get some more precious sleep. Our ferry to Finland left Tallinn at 7:30. Because of our failure to get ourselves a spot on the Russian-Estonian border in time the new plan was to enter Russia coming from Finland.
The ferry ride was quite spectacular, especially because we were able to get some more sleep and free WIFI. Helsinki, was a welcoming change! The last shower was now 3 days back and it took us a while to find an indoor swimming pool. We weren't lucky this time, access was denied to us, women only. So Shitboy and I left, still dirty, and eventually found a hostel where we were allowed to use the shower. Questions stayed in the bus to get their 20 hours of sleep. Bianca and Flo decided to pay the Natural History Museum a visit, a decision for dinosaurs and against hygiene. But they did not regret it. I think the museum has been their most beautiful experience on the tour.