The route to Tallinn was one of the toughest on the tour and the last miles through Poland seemed to stretch into eternity. Things went smoothly in the the Baltic countries: Good roads, nice country side, the sea, beaches... Of course we used this opportunity to shoot some photos. After 16 hours, we arrived in Tallinn in a surprisingly good mood. The show was held in Ylase 12. Probably the only alternative center in Tallinn. The venue was a little bit rougher than expected, but all the people from Ylase 12 were very motivated and really grateful that we were there. After a brief introduction of the project by the people of Ylase 12 shit started to get real: We brought back the mosh to Estonia! After all that sitting in the van we had to let off some steam and so we did! Great show, good vibes, great evening! The sofas that had been used for stage dives were made into beds and we tried to get as much sleep as possible. Not the Brazilian school class though, as they went off to party. A long day ended with a good feeling inside.