Well, here it was. The last day of the tour. Hard to believe that we were already at the end. In 17 days, we drove a total of 9876 km from Northern Europe to Istanbul, the gates of Asia. The crazy shows, incredibly long drives and amazing people. It was way to early to realize all this and I still have a hard time figuring out how we got so far without any major problems, no cancelled shows, no accidents, no trouble with cops and nazis, no bullshit at all.
Questions kept their promise and we picked them up 12 oíclock and off to Macedonia we were. The distance didnít concern us. The mood was strange mostly due to the upcoming end of the tour and also to the fact that Questions didnít really have their best times in Macedonia in 2009 which I didn't notice back then. This time everything would be different, I hoped. I also was a little bit worried because we had to leave the EU for another time but we crossed the borders without any problems at all. The roads were better than expected and we arrived in Kumanovo earlier than planned. So like in 2009 we waited in front of a supermarket right beside the favela for the promoter. That might been another reason why Questions were not that exited about Macedonia, it reminded them too much of Brazil. Marko lead us to the venue, an abandoned community center he had the keys for. Coming straight out of Greece it was pretty cold. The support band Outlaw shared their Schnapps with the Brazilians which lit up their mood a bit. Shitboy and I tried to catch some sleep because we had to leave right after the show and drive all night and the next day. Outlaw played a nice set and the few people who already showed up moved quite a bit. Especially three ladies in the first row who were dressed glamour disco style cheered and whistled permanently and did some really impressive dance moves. That was a little irritating at first but it made me smile because I knew that Questions would like this for sure. So in the end it was a nice last show.